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fusion kitchen design

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Fusion kitchen exemplifies the trend of other colors too late, dark and thick. Wooden cabinet doors made ??of oak gray warm, which adds a surprising amount of room colors. Dark colors add to the mystery and essence of privacy. Fusion uses a simple and quiet colors to create a refuge in your kitchen. As a perfect accent, Ernestomeda using stainless steel table for exceptional shine and highlight the trendy dark closet. To provide a smooth surface part, holding the traditional steel and includes inset sink and stove. Smooth surface offers the visual perfection that makes the kitchen feel like a decadent luxury. Dramatic lighting glass we have not forgotten though, and can be seen on the shelf above the sink. With an internal shelf lighting not only serves as a light source, but illuminate objects on the shelves. Flashy lights on even everyday items into objects d’art. Read the rest of this entry »