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PostHeaderIcon Tile Tape For Decor Mosaic Tile Projects and Tile Installations – Step by Step Instructions

Applying Tile Tape

TILE TAPE has steadily more popular with the Tile Mosaic Tile Artists and craftsmen in the last few years. TAPE TILE Mosaic Tile Supply is offering greater control and ease of use is far more superior than other methods and products available today. This article will guide you through several different ways in which you can use our TILE TAPE project mosaic and ceramic tile installation.

Before you begin, make sure the tiles clean and dry. The preferred method is to simply remove the TILE TAPE by hand and apply it to the front of the tile pattern. But some of our customers to build a tool. Either way, it is important to strongly press the tape to the tile to ensure adequate adhesion. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Contemporary Decorating Rooms Ideas with Mosaic Glass Tiles from Bisazza

decorative bathroom with bamboo mosaic
Glass mosaic tiles from Bisazza known worldwide. They have over 50 years of history, and then built a large collection and even began to include a mosaic of furniture. Bisazza is fantastic attention to detail and thanks to their mosaic tiles can be anything you want them to. They can curve around the corner, the floor is used as a treatment, or decorate the bath can be used everywhere where you want to attract people attention. Currently you can find a mosaic on the wall or walls of office space, the bathroom, the pool wall or even the floor of the patio. Although sometimes too expensive Pleasures is worth the price for those who want to add something special to them. Bisazza visit for more details. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Modern Mosaic Bathroom Tiles with Cool Images by Glassdecor

modern glass mosaic tiles fruits for bathroom
Recently we’ve posted about the Spanish company, Glassdecor, and stunning glass mosaic tiles for swimming pool and now we are happy to show collections of others. This collection was created to decorate and personalize your bathroom. The bright pictures are made of ceramic glass can add a fresh and unique touch to it. Combining these transparent tiles and two sides of a shower box you can get interesting and original designs. Thanks to a variety of pictures that are available you can find the tiles that reflect your own style and taste. For fans of abstract and optical patterns Glassdecor offers 3D range, which is suitable for ultra-modern bathrooms. For more traditional design you can choose the range with landscapes, flowers or fruits. All of these mosaic tiles high strong and durable, so they can be applied in a park bathroom, too. You can find more information about Glassdecor site and download his bathroom tile catalog here in 2009. Read the rest of this entry »