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PostHeaderIcon Amazing magical glass ball chandeliers lighting fixtures by bocci

glass ball chandeliers bocci

glass ball chandeliers design photo

This is a very impressive lighting systems and lighting solutions they provide speak for themselves because the chandelier hanging glass ball by Bocci. More specifically, this is part of a collection of 28. This blown glass balls suspended to make a statement very magical, elegant and modern in every room that was lucky enough to have them. Bocci combines design and manufacturing, backed by rigorous research to innovative ideas and materials while holding at a high standard of workmanship. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Modern Outdoor Patio Lighting Design

patio lighting

patio lighting design photos

Patio lighting design ideas very beautiful, which allows you to spend more time outside at night. This outdoor patio lighting design can really create some wonderful effects and make your patio nighttime experience more enjoyable. The patio lighting design can make the patio and yard a safer place to be in the evening. Patio lighting design equipment is the place to sit outside the house. In addition patio lighting design can be used to observe the beauty of the sunset in the evening and enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors. Installation of patio lighting design equipment is about creating the right atmosphere and promote the safety of your property. Features outdoor patio lighting design should be chosen properly and carefully fitted to both get the effect you want. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Home Exterior Lighting Design

exterior lighting

home exterior lighting photos

This is the best example of exterior lighting design that can be applied in your home. Exterior lighting can beautify your home look. Exterior lighting is also combined with a pool, so it looks luxurious. In addition, garden lighting fixtures equipped with marvelous and very beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Beautiful Bedroom Lighting Ideas Design

bedroom lighting

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Bedroom lighting must meet various criteria, it should be soft enough to be relaxing and peaceful, yet light enough to allow to look when dressed. Location bedroom lighting is as important as the light fixture itself. Bed lamp should be at a height where they shine directly into the book. In bedroom lighting, lights located on both sides of the vanity mirror that is better than light emanating from above or behind. The same applies to full-length mirror – the light should be directed to the viewer or the subject, preferably from the side, and make the bedroom lighting look luxurious and beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »