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PostHeaderIcon Sample Photos Beautiful Apartment Design Inspiration in Sweden

beautiful apartment terrace design

beautiful apartment terrace design

Located in the middle of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, this spacious apartment bears the remnants of the town historical value. The essence of the place is a beautiful space, with large windows in the form of the original architectural design dates of the last century. The wall also has a statue that is stored as a reminder of the past. Light wood tones and large can be found throughout the apartment. The kitchen is newly renovated, all-equipped and displays a table suitable for a big dinner. A beautiful terrace serves as a fresh place to retreat. A coffee, pleasant views over the city and a good book is what inspired metal outside table. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Contemporary stone kitchen refacing in white gloss finished

modern minimalist stone kitchen in white gloss finished
White gloss lacquer is a defining characteristic of contemporary cuisine. Many kitchens are made with the use of it. Addition of stone with a contrasting color to the kitchen door will be more contemporary. This kitchen Ernestomeda implement this idea in their Fusion collection. They also added many other elements of style. Funds to illuminate cabinets, built-in table curve for one or two people, the built-in wine storage for storing wine and sparkling wine, soft steel bonnet and so on. Elements of the kitchen thus considered that it could fit even a small space without losing features. For more information about these and other dishes to see Ernestomeda consider their sites. Read the rest of this entry »