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kitchen ideas

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Here are the best examples of kitchen ideas found on the web. Kitchen ideas that really be categorized into classical and modern. However, the kitchen ideas can be a good mix between the two. When talking about classic kitchen ideas, you can refer to something old like the design of kitchen cabinets. But, when you’re talking about a modern kitchen ideas, you might want to think about modern furniture is placed and prepared in the kitchen with modern accessories in it. Therefore, it is very important that you look at our best choice in kitchen ideas that use natural wood base. Good kitchen ideas design can inspire you. Read the rest of this entry »

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kitchen lighting fixtures

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This is the best example of modern kitchen design, which combined with kitchen lighting fixtures photos. With kitchen lighting fixtures to make your kitchen look luxurious and glamorous. In addition, kitchen lighting fixtures combined with the kitchen flooring with natural wood varnished. Cabinets in kitchen lighting fixtures using materials from the varnished wood looks shiny and beautiful. Good kitchen lighting fixtures can make an inspiration for you if you want to renovate your home kitchen. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Contemporary and Environmentally Sustainable Classic House Design in Santa Barbara

classic lights fixtures house design

classic lights fixtures house design

This is the result of renovation of home design with a classic style eco-friendly site of Santa Barbara is known as “The Rivera, designed by Shubin & Donaldson. A relatively small house has a place to live all things in the environment: a double garage, open living room / dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, guest bedroom and bathroom, home gym, powder room, two home offices with office pools , Outdoor dining pavilion, an outdoor lounge area, a lap pool and 1,400 square foot lower level storage. 270-degree views of the Pacific as much as possible from the pages near the pool and ended with a table on the third floor. Ecologically sustainable design features passive solar power, solar water heaters and natural air flow and energy-efficient appliances. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Modern Remodeling House Interior Design with High Double Gables

lights fixture minimalist house wrapped open atrium

lights fixture minimalist house wrapped open atrium

Modern and minimalist house is situated in cul de sac with surrounding open atrium, and designed by 15760 NW Norwich. With these designs, there are plenty of natural light into the interior, it’s a great cross ventilation and outer life hidden from everyone. Private areas such as bedrooms, closets and bathrooms are in the wings of the house, while the common areas like kitchen and dining room into multifunctional. There is also an additional bedroom and bathroom in a public place for the guests. Large carport area located in front of the house with a large two-car garage. Home interiors done in the style of quiet and comfortable. Read the rest of this entry »