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PostHeaderIcon Sample Photos Beautiful Apartment Design Inspiration in Sweden

beautiful apartment terrace design

beautiful apartment terrace design

Located in the middle of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, this spacious apartment bears the remnants of the town historical value. The essence of the place is a beautiful space, with large windows in the form of the original architectural design dates of the last century. The wall also has a statue that is stored as a reminder of the past. Light wood tones and large can be found throughout the apartment. The kitchen is newly renovated, all-equipped and displays a table suitable for a big dinner. A beautiful terrace serves as a fresh place to retreat. A coffee, pleasant views over the city and a good book is what inspired metal outside table. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Chic Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas by Huelsta

modern bedroom design by Huelsta
The bedroom is a place where you spend a third part of your life. Therefore worth some time to gather design ideas. Huelsta, German manufacturer, making furniture for a large bedroom and have ideas for awesome bedroom layouts. What is clear, direct design with attractive surface that you can choose individually provide the ability to create a beautiful bedroom. Many furniture collection includes bold and colorful infinite number of created ideas for bedroom designs. Hülsta Visit the website for more information. Read the rest of this entry »