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Building a saltbox lost popularity mainly because of the appearance can be seen that the natural and beautiful, except for a very useful purpose it serves. Buildings with long sloping roof, which slopes to the rear. Usually a wooden frame. Only in the frame of two stories in the back and front. It gets its name from the colonial era resemblance to the salt. With the help of the plan, you can lose your saltbox.


By building in support of the saltbox loss plan, you can eliminate a lot of confusion from the garage and your home. You can get the tools, bicycles, garden furniture, Lawn equipment and other things here. Not only you can park the car and take comfort, you can also improve maintenance tools and equipment. You can also convert the design in a small workshop outside.


You get many advantages in building a saltbox with the help of the plan. One is that it will save space. Because of a sloping roof, you can build these structures in places where you would not otherwise be done on the structure. There are plans to help build pressure on the hands of the house with the shorter end of the page. If not, you can set them against a tree, with a sloping roof to sit under the branches of the tree itself.

A saltbox loss can serve many purposes. If taken at the right location carefully with the following plan, and if the roof of the building of strong materials, pitched roof can be used as storage space itself. You also can build for the short track to lose gardening and other tools, and use the wood to keep the roof in winter. By doing this, you can save space on the construction of additional shelter timber.

By using the plan saltbox lose, you also can increase the space inside the house. Creating additional space by opening a saltbox design home for a family or a combination kitchen, dining room and possible. Even with this, still looks simple and traditional.


The saltbox loss of American colonial architecture examples, and arrived in New England. He came to the house more attention from the story that was entrusted by the Queen, Anne. Exempt from the tax structure as the rear of the roof down on the level one level.

This building can be regarded as a wooden frame house. Link large piece of wood and wood joints, and also known as post and beam construction. Used because of higher costs involved in saving metal nails. In the 17th and 18th century America, a method of wood frame buildings that house all the frames. The abundant availability of wood timbered houses are also popular. Board or used for purposes other timber cladding on the exterior of the structure. You can now more pieces of traditional architecture with his own plan well.

Compared with other pilots, to lose more saltbox that require treatment in construction. This is especially so when you build the roof. You get a good plan prepared by the experts who can help with the fundamentals. But even a building and you will significantly increase the value of your home.

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