PostHeaderIcon Great Tips For Designing Kitchen Work Triangle Ideas

Your kitchen layout and design depends a lot on your work triangle. The kitchenette is one of the most important rooms in your house therefore before you consider a particular design for the work triangle it is very essential for you think about your lifestyle, floor plan, shape, size decoration and budget. A kitchen floor plan would surely help you to decide about the storage space, lightening, ventilation and the placement of different appliances.

The floor plan should be suitable enough to eliminate excess household traffic from your kitchen. So, now let us discuss about some floor plans that are gaining popularity these days.

1. U-shape layout
As usual type of layout which has three walls and cleaning the area lies between. This is one of the layout of the most versatile because it gives you enough cooking area, storage and work space. With such a design you can also include large windows, various cupboards and efficient relief system.

2. L-shape design
L-shape layout is one of the most widely used design and is perfect for both small and large kitchen. In designs such as the sink is usually located in the middle of a temporary storage area and cooking area is located at each end of the cleaning area. If you have a kitchen big enough then you can also include an island is between the L-shape layout.

3. G-Shape layout
G-Shape design similar to the U-shape design that also provides the same amount of cooking, cleaning and storage space. This design eliminates household traffic and can easily accommodate two cooks at the same time.

4. Double L-Shape design
One advantage of this kitchen is that it provides a large table space and a good cabinet area. This design is ideal for large kitchens and spacious. If you want, you can also include a dining table in your kitchen. L-twin design provides two counters form where two people can work.

5. Kitchen layout form
This design is more suitable for small apartments and studios. This layout design is also known as the corridor. In a layout that can be stored on devices in the opposite wall that provides work space better.

6. Straight layout
Single wall design is ideal for small kitchen does not have the necessary working space. If you want to add more work space so you can include additional space by adding a variety of kitchen wall cabinets and pull-out.

When planning out your room you will remember the size of your kitchen and living room.

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